The Story of Interim Budget – 2019

  Snapshot of India’s development path The years gone by: With the reforms and positive changes brought about by the current Government, it is truly a golden age for the Indian economy. Ushering in stability in the nation, transformation in all sectors, cleanliness in pecuniary terms by demonetization as well as in literal terms through […]

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Transfer Pricing – Gliding through the Fundamentals

What is ‘Transfer Pricing’? ‘Transfer Pricing’ is an art and science of determining the value of transactions that take place between entities of the same multi-national group. It involves the consideration of economic factors to perfectly balance a corporation’s and tax authority’s interest in terms of profitability and taxation. Why ‘Transfer Pricing’ in ‘Taxes’? Earlier, […]

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Build an effective career in Taxes

Till today, I have tried to give my views on the technical side of taxation and hope you have enjoyed. This time, I thought, it is important that the students of commerce, accountancy, finance, law and management understand what the studies in taxation have to offer to them that could give the young minds a […]

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Top 5 Best Taxation Practices

I have often seen many multinational organizations quoting the increase in top-line figures as an important indicator of growth for a company. Often the management forgets to focus on the bottom line (profits) and something that is below the bottom line (i.e.taxes). While you as an organization is growing at a fantastic pace in terms […]

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